Labelling of Wines from the Czech Republic

Wine from the Czech Republic at first glance

During the course of this year our winemakers are gradually beginning to label wines originating from Moravia or Bohemia with a single symbol.

It has been nine years already since fans of our highly singular wines have familiarised themselves with the logo Vína z Moravy, vína z Čech (Wines of Moravia, Wines of Bohemia) on their labels, in promotional materials, during wine events and in the campaigns run by the Wine Fund.

For easier recognition of Moravian and Bohemian wines the well-known logo of a wine glass in the national colours moves to the upper part of the bottle neck.

In the footsteps of Austria and Slovakia the example of this highly visible labelling will guarantee the origin of wines of the Czech Republic to the consumers. This trademark will not only be found on wines with special attributes but also on land wines, for the production of which only grapes originating from the Czech Republic have been used.

The aim of this new labelling is not only better customer orientation when purchasing Moravian and Bohemian wines, but also to protect their consumers and producers against nefarious practices.

From surveys of public opinion and according to information from our winemakers it emerges that customers have a preference for wines from the Czech Republic and feel they have better quality in comparison with the foreign competition. That is why it is necessary to give them the assurance of the honesty of Moravian and Bohemian wines. This labelling also makes the position of the merchants selling imported wines that are, at first glance parading as wines from the Czech Republic, more difficult. At the same time the labelling supports all honest winemakers by restraining unfair competition.

For the time being the labelling of wine from Moravia and Bohemia remains voluntary. Winemakers are affiliating themselves to it gradually, as the technical possibilities and the introduction of new wines onto the market arise. The aim of the endeavours of the wine institutions is however anchored in that this labelling will go directly into law as compulsory.