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Traditional walk through the cellars in the wine-growing village of Popice for the fifteenth time. Start at 12.00 pm, end at 7.00 pm. Ticket sales from 11.00 a.m. at the municipal office. Admission includes: glass, nosegay, map, pen and wine coupons. There will be a minimum of 120 wine samples to taste. Refreshments provided on site
  • Date
    February 17, 2024
  • City
  • Place description
    sklepní ulice


Další popis

An annual wine event, this year for the sixteenth time, one of the first in the region. Compared to the original 5 wineries, 18 opened last year and more are planning to join. Larger family-owned wineries are also opening, although the emphasis is still on small wineries and on talking with visitors. The cellars can be explored by a comfortable walk during the afternoon and you can get to know not only the local wines, but also the surrounding area of the village, which has many attractions. More detailed information about admission fees and open cellars can be found on our website in early January 2024. The start and end of the event are adapted to the departures of trains on the Brno - Breclav corridor.

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