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Welcoming spring with a glass in hand. Come together with us to start this year's wine season. Accept our special invitation to the first spring cocktail on the waterfront. Help us taste this year's wines from our leading winemakers. Discover the latest vintage of wines in the picturesque setting of Prague's waterfront.
  • Date
    April 20, 2024
  • City
    Praha 2
  • Place description
    Náplavka - Rašínovo nábřeží


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We present small family winemakers not only from South Moravia, but also from the old and new world, whose production you will not normally taste.
What a winemaker and what a bottle is original, we emphasize the minimal production of production, where the winemaker encloses not only the wine but also his heart in the bottle.
Pleasant live music plays to accompany the tasting, and modern gastronomy and themed competitions on the stage complete the experience.

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