Summer Wine Close-up: 100th evening with 100 wines from the Wine Salon

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Would you like to live to a hundred in good health and in the best shape? Tasting evenings in the Open Garden in the centre of Brno will make it happen on Thursday 11 July 2023. An exceptional evening with an exceptional programme!
  • Date
    July 11, 2024
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    Otevřená zahrada, Údolní 33


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The patron and expert guide of the evening will be none other than the National Wine Salon. One hundredth evening and one hundred of the best wines of the 2024 vintage - we don't need to reveal more, the surprise is revealed.

Everything will be almost as usual, as visitors are used to - wines on tasting tables in the middle of a blooming garden, under the sky and under the stars, but this time with wines from all over Moravia. From 17:30 to 20:00 tasting, refreshments and from 20:00 to 22:00 decent live music. An elegant experience for you and your friends, it will be even a little more elegant.

Ticket price includes:

1x admission to a free tasting of 100 wines
Deposit for a tasting glass with the festival logo (50 CZK/glass), which will be returned to you if the glass is returned at the end of the evening
accompanying music programme
water, tasting bites (bread)

And what wines will they bring? Golden! Or rather, wines that have won gold medals in the national wine competition and have become the best wines of the Czech Republic for 2024.

Ticket price: 740 CZK
Ticket price: 790 CZK

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