Summer Wine from Nearby: an evening with the Young Winemakers from under the Mutěnská Mountain

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On 13 June 2024, you will experience a free wine tasting of the Young Winemakers of Mutěnská hora in the Open Garden full of herbs, trees and flowers in the centre of Brno. From 17:30 there will be a 2.5 hour tasting of wines from Slovácko. It will be complemented by gastro and decent live music.
  • Date
    June 13, 2024
  • City
  • Place description
    Otevřená zahrada, Údolní 33


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Ambition, experience, youth, drive - and it's exactly the kind of winemakers' association we're looking for. It consists mostly of the younger generation of winemakers and their friends, just generally wine lovers. They will bring us sparkling Slovak wines, tradition and a sip of wine modernity, without which these young people can no longer be. It will be a beautiful evening full of comfort with the young men and their wines from Mutěnice in Slovácko.
The ticket includes a free tasting of the wines of the young winemakers from under Mutěnská hora; a deposit for a tasting glass; a musical accompaniment; water and tasting bites (bread)

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