Introduction to wine tasting

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Another term of the popular course dedicated to wine tasting. It is intended for all wine lovers who want to gain a broader horizon and orientation in practical wine tasting.
  • Date
    May 25, 2024
  • City
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    Národní vinařské centrum, Centrum Excelence, Sobotní 1029


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The course will enable graduates to gain a more confident outlook on wine, which they will capitalise on in restaurantsand social events, where they will be able not only to choose the right wine, but also to recognize and reject the wrong wine. However, the training is also very beneficial for professionals - waiters and wine sellers who who are new to the industry and need to gain basic knowledge about wine, wine tasting and wine evaluation. The training is focused as much as possible on the practical part of learning about wine. It is therefore advisable that the participants have at least a basic grounding in the recommended literature. This training can be a suitable precursor for other professional courses, e.g. Training and selection of professional sensory assessors for sensory analysis of wines according to EN ISO 8586, organised by the National Wine Centre.

The course is implemented with the support of the Wine Fund.

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