V. year of wine tasting with concert WINE & LOVE

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As in previous years, this year too, a large tasting of wines from the offer of MIKWINE s.r.o. will be organized for you in the garden seating area of the Inn U Vlachů in Jamné u Tišnova. The offer will consist of Moravian and Austrian wines.
  • Date
    July 12, 2024
  • City
  • Place description
    Hostinec U Vlachů, Jamné u Tišnova


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For an entry fee of 425,-CZK you will get a glass and you will be able to taste all the presented wines without limit. The tasting is designed as free. And if you place an order worth 2.500,-CZK without VAT, we will deduct the entrance fee from your order!

And thirdly: as a bonus you will have a "Love" concert! The wine evening will be traditionally made more pleasant by a concert in the form of Vasek Vaňura alias LÁSKY! profile at www.youtube.com/@LASKAtube, or www.laskaweb.cz .

And who will not be interested in wine and just want to enjoy the music, no problem! Admission will be 150,-Kč and there will be a bar and a selection of exclusive goodies from the grill.

Free wine tasting will be open at 5.00 pm, Love will "play the strings" from 8.00 pm.

Reservations are possible:

- by e-mail mikwine@mikwine.cz,

- phone or SMS to: 603220247,

- via the reservation form at www.obchod-mikwine.cz/l/12-7-v-rocnik-zahradni-degustace-vino-laska-v-hostinci-u-vlachu-v-jamnem/

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