Masterclass with foreign guest - Jan Palutka & sparkling wines

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Lecture and tasting led by Honza Palutka, oenologist of the Bründlmayer winery responsible for the production of sparkling wines.
  • Date
    February 20, 2024
  • City
  • Place description
    Centrum Excelence, Sobotní 1029


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In the first part of the Masterclass, we will discuss the production process and its key decision points, as well as taste wines at several stages of the production process. In the second part, we will taste different quality levels of sparkling wines while discussing how to achieve the best results for a particular wine during production. The lecture will be very practical and is designed primarily for winemakers.

The lecture will be full of practical advice and information, but we will also focus on comparing foreign and our wines. Honza will also present current trends in Austrian winemaking and comment on the quality pyramid of Austria's sparkling wines. Each of the participants will first rate the wines on their own and then we will evaluate them together with Honza, with an emphasis on production technology and price ranking on the market.

As always, the aim will be to assess our wines in the context of foreign wines - price, sensory and philosophical, and to find out what their potential is not only for export, but above all how competitive they are against imported wines of the same quality from similar regions in terms of price and sensory. But more importantly this time will be the transfer of practical experience of production.

- Explanation of the individual steps of production
- Wine tasting according to the different stages of production
- Qualitative and production view of different types of sparkling wines
- Tasting of at least 15 samples of foreign and domestic sparkling wines

Target group: winemakers and wine professionals

The Masterclass will only take place if the capacity of at least 30 people is reached.

The project is supported by the Wine Fund, BS Wine Supplies and the National Wine Centre.

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