Remote tasting of Veltliner Greens

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About event

The beginning of a fortnight in which it will be possible to taste a tasting package of Veltliner greens.
  • Date
    April 6, 2024
  • City
  • Place description
    Vinný klub Trafalgar


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The selected wines are sorted into groups of ten according to varieties or regions of origin and poured into half-inch bottles. Tasting sets of ten different samples will then be sent out for 250 CZK (+ postage and deposit for the bottles) to those interested in wine, whose pleasant task is to compare the samples independently over the next fourteen days and try to rank them according to their preferences. These, and thus the individual rankings, often vary, but once they have been statistically evaluated and the overall results announced, we all have interesting feedback on which type of wine people like best.

You can contact to book tasting packages and, if necessary, for more information and the programme for future tastings.

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