Modrohorská pecka wine competition

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The Association of Municipalities of Modré Hory cordially invites you to the IX. year of the terroir competition show of wines of traditional varieties of the micro-region of Modré Hory called Modrohorská pecka from 14.00 to 19.00 in the courtyard of the Ecocentre Trkmanka in Velké Pavlovice, the winners will be announced at 16.15.
  • Date
    May 18, 2024
  • City
    Velké Pavlovice
  • Place description
    nádvoří Ekocentra Trkmanka


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Furthermore, the Festival of VOC Blue Mountains Winemakers will also be presented. Nearly three hundred samples of wines from the Blue Mountains micro-region will compete in the IXth year of the prestigious regional wine competition Modrohorská pecka on Saturday 18 May 2024. The wines of traditional varieties from the entire Blue Mountains micro-region - from Velké Pavlovice, Bořetice, Němčičky, Vrbice and Kobylí - will be presented. The wines will be evaluated by certified tasters and experts from the ranks of winemakers, technologists and wine connoisseurs.For the second time, you will be able to taste these wines in September at the popular event. The winemakers' festival will take the form of a picnic where visitors from both the professional and lay public will meet. WHERE TO BUY TICKETS (Festival of winemakers VOC Blue Mountains & Terroir wine competition Modrohorská pecka)
PRE-SALE: CZK 300,--
TICKET PRICE ON SITE: 1 person/400 CZK TICKET INCLUDES: free tasting of all exhibited wine samples a glass with the logo of the Blue Mountains and the exhibition catalogue ...or also a basket variant: separate coupons worth 20 CZK / tasting sample EXHIBITION LOCATION.PROGRAMME.

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