Frankovka, the flagship variety not only of the Blue Mountains region

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In the spirit of education, a seminar for all wine growers, winemakers, operators of catering and accommodation facilities and others interested in tourism services in the Blue Mountains region will be held on 23 February 2024 from 9 a.m. at the Kraví Hora Hotel in Bořetice.
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    February 23, 2024
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    Hotel Kraví hora


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The morning part of the seminar will be devoted to the history, geology and modern trends in winemaking. For a general look back on the history of the region's villages, with a focus on historical mining rights, our region's history enthusiast Mr. Zeno Čižmář will give an interesting in-depth talk. The lecture by Mr. Jiří Nečas, geologist, on the topic of geological specifics of the Blue Mountains will continue immediately. The third highly erudite lecturer will be Simon Triebaumer, a foreign Austrian specialist in the Frankovka variety.

There will be a short break for coffee, a sandwich or a cake to eat and possible greetings and discussions over coffee on the topics discussed.

The presentation of the Lower Bohemian Frankovka will be presented and its tasting will be eruditely commented by perhaps the most famous sommelier of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, an expert on appellations, Ing. Libor Nazarčuk. Then Jan Stávek will conclude the morning cycle of lectures with a technological tasting of franks produced in vessels of various materials (stainless steel, wood, concrete, granite).

A well-deserved lunch will follow a morning of lectures full of interesting technical information. Following the example of last year's seminar, the hotel Kraví Hora in Bořetice will certainly offer again its excellent sirloin steak on cream as well as the overall very high quality all-day service, for which it received great praise at last year's seminar.

In the afternoon there will be a Conference for Sommeliers on the wines of the VOC Blue Mountains.

Participation in the seminar with guided tasting is free.

We look forward to a large turnout again.

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