Gastronomic workshop with national sommelier - Plzeň

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About event

A unique new format of educational meetings for catering staff aimed at increasing the profitability of gastroprovisions through properly targeted selection of local wines and their presentation. It is designed primarily for owners or operators of small and larger businesses who want to work on the prestige of their businesses
  • Date
    September 27, 2023
  • City
  • Place description
    Plzeňka, Riegrova 7


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If you sell five extra glasses of wine a day, you can increase your sales by CZK 150,000 or more per year. And that's even in a brasserie, where even just offering 5 wines is enough to be satisfied. And imagine the joy you'll give to those who don't drink beer. You'll also reach a more demanding clientele and that can have a further impact on your profits. The aim is to pass on the basic know-how of working with wine in gastronomy, which includes the selection of wine for a given concept, proper service and communication with the guest, but also the pricing and economics of working with wine in a restaurant. So it is not just the basics of sommeliering, but rather an economic view of the benefits of wine. We will also show the importance of Moravian and Czech wines on the menu and try out the principles of pairing them with local ingredients. The concept of the event is intimate (15 participants) to provide an atmosphere for discussion among participants who want to discuss and share their current knowledge about working with wine.

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