"Wine tasting at the WALDBERG Vrbovec winery"

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The tasting will take place from 19:00 - 22:00. The price of the tasting is 300,- CZK. The number of seats is limited, seats must be reserved by phone number: 732 352 889, or e-mail: semeradb@seznam.cz.
  • Date
    March 21, 2023
  • City
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    Castellana trattoria, ul.Novobranská 4


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Another interesting wine tasting at the "Friends of Good Wine" will be for the first time this year an independent tasting of the winery "WALDBERG Vrbovec", belonging to the "LAHOFER" group.
The history of the winery dates back to the second half of the 18th century, when the Premonstratensian Order from the monastery in Louka near Znojmo had a monumental late Baroque sandstone cellar built west of the village of Chvalovice and started producing wine there. After the dissolution of the order by Joseph II in 1784 and the departure of the Premonstratensians, the cellar changed many owners. This was essential for the development of the
important in the modern history of the winery was the Agrodružstvo Vrbovec, which has had it in its administration since 1951. In 1994, under its ownership, an independent cellar farm was established under the name of Vinařství Waldberg Vrbovec and is dedicated to the production of smaller batches of mainly quality wines. It takes its name from one of the best vineyards located in the cadastre of the village of the same name. After several decades of management, the cooperative changed ownership in 2018 and underwent a necessary restructuring - the cellar, the winery and most of the vineyards became part of the Lahofer Group. In 2019, the name of the company is changed to Waldberg Winery.
The WALDBERG winery manages six of its own vineyards with a total area of almost 100 hectares. All vineyards are located south of Znojmo in the vicinity of the wine-growing villages of Vrbovec, Dyjákovičky and Chvalovice, at an altitude of 230 to 280 m above sea level. The subsoil structure consists of gravelly sand with loess, the soils themselves are mainly sandy loam. The local climate creates a specific climate that is particularly important for the production of aromatic substances. The alternation of low night-time temperatures with higher daytime temperatures during the grape ripening period gives the local wines a uniform, fresh and harmonious varietal character typical of the Znojmo wine-growing sub-region.
Today's wines are given a face by the young and promising oenologist Ing. Lenka Havelková.

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