Vrbovec cellars on weekends

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Look for the yellow bike, you'll find an open cellar!
  • Date
    April 28, 2023 - October 1, 2023
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    sklepní ulička


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Every weekend from May to September we are open for you
Fri 16-21 h., Sat 11-21 h., Sun 11-18 h.

Look for the YELLOW WHEEL and you will find an open cellar...
Whether you're just passing by on the green marked cycle path or you've come on purpose, perhaps to walk the Grape Goat Nature Trail, there's always a cellar where you can sample wines from local vineyards and cellars.

And why this symbol? We were led to this idea by the custom of the local winemakers - how do you always know that the winemaker is in the cellar and you can go there for a drink? That he has a bicycle leaning by the door... That is why today in Vrbovec the bicycle in municipal colours is the symbol of a cellar open to the public...

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