Benefits for certified facilities and information for applicants in certification

Compliance with the certification criteria is assessed by a person authorized by the National Wine Centre. The final decision on the subsequent award of certification is then taken by the panel of assessors, which issues a final verdict. This includes the reasons for refusing certification and, where appropriate, recommendations for remedying deficiencies.

Successfully certified facilities receive the following benefits:

  • Highlighting of certified facilities on the website, in the directory of wineries, wine cellars and wine shops and in the interactive map.
  • Highlighting of the listing of certified facilities in the promotional product in the tourist guide 'The best of wine tourism in Moravia' and 'The best of wine tourism in Bohemia', which includes a passage on certification.
  • Certified facilites will be regarded as elite wine tourism entities. The National Wine Centre as well as the generally beneficial society Partnership will give priority to these entities when organising press or fam trips.
  • 10% discounts on wine training, advertising and selected products offered by the National Wine Centre to its customers.
  • Certified facilities are given priority to be promoted in the media, as well as on the National Wine Center's website and other online profiles (FB, IG).
  • Facilities will be marked with enamel signs with the logo "Wines of Moravia" or "Wines of Bohemia" and the inscription in Czech and English "Wine Tourism Certification" (the sign must be visibly placed on the certified facility).
  • Last but not least, it is a recommendation of the establishment to end consumers looking for specific wine tourism services.
  • Opportunity to participate in the competition for the Top Wine Destination of the Czech Republic (more at