Categories, definitions and list of certified facilities

Certification takes place according to the selection of facilities on the basis of stated criteria. Facilities are divided into five categories: winery, wine cellar, wine shop, wine restaurant and accommodation with a wine theme. There are independent criteria for each category. For subjects that offer more than one type of service, an advantageous combined certification can be put into effect. The owner or operator requests the certification of the facilities in writing or through electronic means addressed to the National Wine Centre. Certification of facilities where oeno-tourism is concerned is undertaken as part of the continuous project for the development and support of wine tourism in Moravia and Bohemia. The project of certification is implemented by the National Wine Centre together with the Nadace Partnerství foundation with the support of the Wine Fund of the Czech Republic.

Categories, definitions and advantages for visitors to certified facilities, declared for the years 2008 and 2009

  • Winery
    A wine producer registered by the Wine Fund and the Agricultural Central Control and Research Office (UKZUZ), who sells at least a part of his wine production with the adjudication of the classification from the State Food and Agricultural Inspection (SZPI), offers retail of his own wine directly from the cellar, company wine store or other suitable outlet. Wines on offer must come from grapes cultivated in the Czech Republic. He must guarantee the certification to any prospective visitor, especially the possiblity of a winery tour with inspection of the production technology or the vineyard, a tasting of the wines produced from suitable tasting glasses and to be able to purchase quality wines in bottles.

  • Wine cellar
    The operator offers hospitality in the wine cellar and sells wine of his own or other peoples‘s production from grapes cultivated in the Czech Republic. The wine cellar must have sanitary facilities. Catering in the form of a cold buffet, either his own or supplied by a catering company, is provided. The wine cellar offers tutored tastings and other similar events.

  • Wine shop
    All wine shops offer primarily the sale of wine in bottle mainly of local provenance originating from producers in the Czech Republic. A wine shop offers the customer information relating to the wine, the winery and any possible oeno-tourism or other programmes. Purchasing wines in a certified wine shop ensures the customer a selection from a minimum of 40 types of domestically produced wines in bottle. Trained personnel must be on hand and able to offer advice to the customer during the selection of his wine. If the wines are offered for tasting, this must be done specifically from appropriate glasses.

  • Wine restaurant
    A restaurant or wine bar has a selection of good-quality food and a sufficiently wide selection of wines, produced by local winemakers from raw material of Czech-Republic origin. The operator guarantees qualified personnel and service as well as suitable facilities for the cultivated consumption of wine. Moreover a certified restaurant offers, at the very least twice a year, culinary or vinous events, the possibility of ordering children‘s portions, a separate space for smokers and best of all – wines recommended for individual dishes and at least four types of wine in bottle served by the glass.

  • Accommodation with a winemaking theme
    Rural as well as urban accommodation directly related to the service of a wine cellar, winery, wine restaurant and so on. Apart from accommodation the operator will offer information relating to the winemakers’ facilities that are available and the eno-tourism on offer in the region. Furthermore the accommodation must offer breakfast in the form of a buffet with extended service times. Hygiene and overall cleanliness must be flawless and bed linen will always be in an immaculate state.

    Certification criteria generally require:

  • carrying out business in the given field in accordance with the valid legislation
  • the desired scale and quality of individual services and a set quota from the offered selection of wines produced from grapes grown in the Czech Republic
  • classification of at least a part of the wines on offer and a presentation of wines from the specified wine region
  • offering information on wine and oeno-tourism
  • a continuing relationship with traditional wine culture, the historical value or singularity of the facility
  • observance of hygiene and cleanliness in the workplace, etc.
  • The fulfilment of further criteria as set out in detail in the certification questionnaire