Ryzlink rýnský

Winery Vrátil - Bohemia Canopus, spol. s r.o.
Ryzlink rýnský

Ryzlink rýnský, 2019

Winery Vrátil - Bohemia Canopus, spol. s r.o.
White wine
Velké Pavlovice
Late harvest

About winemaker

Our winery was founded in 2004 in the picturesque Moravian wine village of Starovice. We bought 12 hectares of vineyards in the Středohoří area, situated above the Brno-Břeclav motorway, in addition to our own family vineyard, which had been cultivated by our grandparents. It is a historical vineyard first mentioned in 1290, with an extremely interesting location and a specific microclimate. Before the Czech Republic joined the European Union, we planted another 14 hectares of new vineyards in exclusive locations. These are the traditional vineyards of Zádvorník, Nové hory and Výsluní with a breathtaking view of the Pálava skyline. A further 6 hectares planted with the traditional Riesling variety are cultivated right next to the Pálava Lakes in the vineyard line Písečný - the wine-growing village of Šakvice. This unique location with a sand and clay subsoil is planted with a 50-year-old vineyard. Our young winery stands at the beginning of a long journey of revival of family winemaking traditions in South Moravia. We are winemakers in touch with the land, making wine from the harvest of our own vineyards and taking care of everything in-house, from the first kick of the soil when planting the heads and the subsequent care of the vines, to the winemaking and treatment of the must, to the fitting of the cork-filled bottle. It's called genius loci, which means the unmistakable character of the wine that comes from the combination of habitat, soil, climate and the people who tend it all. We know the secrets of a particular vineyard and are well aware of what it can provide for the growing grapes.

Basic characteristics of wine

Rhine Riesling is an ancient, prized variety used primarily for the production of high quality wines. This variety thrives very well in Litoměřice, Mělník, Znojmo, Strážnice and especially in the Slovácko subregion around the town of Bzenec.

Wine profile