Cuvée Nechranice

Winery Němeček
Cuvée Nechranice

Cuvée Nechranice, 2018

Winery Němeček
Red wine
Land wine

About winemaker

Němeček Winery was founded in 2011. Today it farms 2 hectares of vineyards in the integrated production system and produces wines using purely small-scale farming methods. The wines are produced by long maceration of the mash, uncontrolled fermentation and no artificial preparations are used in the training of the wine. The dry wines are only coarsely filtered - so the customer receives a truly natural living product. The wines from Vinařství Němeček have a distinctive character of the northernmost wine region with a distinctive varietal bouquet and spicy acidity. Their interesting feature is the great variety according to the vintage, the technology chosen by the cellar master, the winegrower and the batch.