Sylvánské zelené

Fridrich Winery
Sylvánské zelené

Sylvánské zelené, 2018

Fridrich Winery
White wine
Sylvaner green
Late harvest

About winemaker

Zdeněk Fridrich continues in the third generation the family tradition of winemaking founded by his grandfather Josef. Together with his father Josef and the family, they expanded the original ten-acre farm after 1989 - first by renting vineyards and then, between 1993 and 1997, by planting three hectares of vineyards in the Vracovská track U panny Marie. The winery processes only its own grapes. Zdeněk Fridrich has winemaking only as a hobby, although partly connected with his main profession, as he works in a company selling barriques, cellar technology, oenological supplies, bottles and other equipment for winemakers. The original cellar built by his grandfather in the Baráky cellar site now serves as a presentation cellar for visitors and customers (capacity for guided tastings is 15 people). Production has moved to a new facility in a gradually renovated older house in Vracov. The white wines are made from decalcified musts fermented with pure yeast cultures, the vessels are cooled with water during fermentation. The wines are aged in stainless steel tanks. The blue grapes are processed using the traditional open maceration method, and the wines are aged in traditional wooden barrels, the Alibernet variety in barrique barrels. New or older barriques are gradually replacing the original barrels in the cellar. The annual production of the family winery is around 10 000 litres, with a gradually increasing proportion of bottled wine. All the wines are classified and declared as selection of grapes, late harvest and cabernet.