Statistics and facts


As per the results of the official vineyard registration by the Agricultural Central Control and Research Office (UKZUZ) the total vineyard area representing a current production potential in the Czech Republic is 19,633.45 ha, at the same time the planted area being 17,198.05 ha. The rest represents vineyards that have been grubbed up, have the right to be re-planted and the state reserve.

Current production potential of the Czech Republic – as at 31st December 2011

planted vineyard area 17,198.05 ha
grubbed-up vineyard area107.71 ha
vineyard area with the right to be re-planted1,046.90 ha
vineyard area with existing planting rights1,280.79 ha
total production potential19,633.45 ha

Of a total of 17,198.05 ha planted with vineyards, two-thirds is made up of white grape varieties and one third of black grape varieties while a negligible 1% share is alloted to table and rootsock varieties.

Structure of the vineyard area by category – as at 31st December 2011

category of varietiesarea (ha)
white must11,367.06
red/black must 5,751.35

According to the Czech Statistical Office in the year 2011 around 91,253 tons of grapes were harvested having an average yield of 5.7 tons per hectare. The average must weight levels of the grapes at harvest in 2011 according to the survey carried out by the Vintners’s Union of Czech Republic came out at about 21.0 °NM (translator’s note: in Czech Republic and Slovakia must weight is measured in degrees Normalizovaný moštoměr = °NM and 21 °NM is approx. 95 °Oe or 12.5 °Bé, which represents 11.9% potential alcohol).

Vineyard composition

white winesapproximately 63%
red winesapproximately 28%
rosé winesapproximately 9%

Wine production

In the vintage year 2010/2011 approximately 390,000 hectolitres of wine were produced, of which around 234,000 hectolitres were of white and around 126,000 hectolitres were of red wine. Production in 2011/2012 came to some 650,000 hectolitres of wine.

white winesapproximately 63%
red winesapproximately 28%
rosé winesapproximately 9%

Wine consumption

As per the assessment of the Ministry of Agriculture the consumption of wine per person was around 20.1 litres per year, in future it can be assumed that there will be an increase in the consumption of wine, as well as of table grapes.

Czech Republic20.1 litres per capita per annum
Europe36 litres per capita per annum

Number of wine communes, vineyard tracks, growers and area of registered vineyards with regard to the classification by wine sub-regions as per Act No. 321/2004 Coll. – as at 31st December 2011

Wine sub-regionNumber of wine communesNumber of vinyard tracksNumber of growersRegistered vineyard area (ha)
Region Bohemia
Other  189
Total Bohemia72152164662
Region Moravia
Velké Pavlovice753217,0074,741
Other  5922
Total Moravia3121,12618,87416,536
Total Czech Republic3841,27819,03717,198

Number of wine communes, growers, most planted varieties and area of registered vineyards with regard to the classification by wine sub-region as per Act 321/2004 Coll. – as at 31st December 2011

Region/Sub-regionTotal planted with vineyards (ha)% of total vineyard areaNumber of growersFive most cultivated varieties

Welschriesling: 587.6 ha

Grüner Veltliner: 388.7 ha

Riesling: 343 ha

Sauvignon Blanc: 304.9 ha

Müller-Thurgau: 289.6 ha


Müller Thurgau: 428.7 ha

Riesling: 377.3 ha

Blaufränkisch: 341.5 ha

Grüner Veltliner: 327.3 ha

Pinot Blanc: 308.4 ha

Moravia/Velké Pavlovice4,74127.67,007

Grüner Veltliner: 526.6 ha

Blaufränkisch: 426.2 ha

Saint Laurent: 416.6 ha

Müller-Thurgau: 405.6 ha

Welschriesling: 282.8 ha


Grüner Veltliner: 416.3 ha

Müller-Thurgau: 341.1 ha

Saint Laurent: 314.2 ha

Riesling: 257.3 ha

Sauvignon Blanc: 234.3 ha


Müller-Thurgau: 53.5 ha

Riesling: 51.7 ha

Pinot Noir: 40.4 ha

Blauer Portugieser: 34.7 ha

Saint Laurent: 30.8 ha


Müller-Thurgau: 78.2 ha

Saint Laurent: 41 ha

Riesling: 31.7 ha

Pinot Noir: 22.3 ha

Pinot Gris: 22 ha

Varietal composition in registered vineyards in the Czech Republic as at 31st December 2011

VarietySynonymAbbreviationTotal (ha)% of total area
Grüner VeltlinerVeltlín zelenýVZ1662.39.7
Saint LaurentSvatovavřineckéSv1334.97.8
RieslingRyzlink rýnský, RheinrieslingRR1234.57.2
WelschrieslingRyzlink vlašskýRV1193.66.9
BlaufränkischLemberger, FrankovkaFr1190.46.9
Sauvignon BlancSauvignonSg889.55.2
Zweigeltrebe Zw830.04.8
Pinot BlancRulandské bíléRB805.14.7
Chardonnay Ch787.54.6
Pinot GrisRulandské šedé784.34.6
Pinot NoirRulandské modréRM718.64.2
Blauer PortugieserModrý Portugal, Portugieser BlauMP639.73.7
GewürztraminerTramín červený609.83.5
Moravian MuscatMuškát moravský (MOPR)MM378.22.2
Pálava Pa264.91.5
André An253.61.5
Cabernet Sauvignon CS241.61.4
Frühroter VeltlinerVeltlínské červené rané, Malvasier, Malvasia, MalvasieVČR209.81.2
Cabernet Moravia CM195.61.1
Other whites -128.00.7
SylvanerSylvánské zelené, Grüner SilvanerSZ116.90.7
Dornfelder Dr116.80.7
Merlot Me100.00.6
Irsai Oliver IO83.50.5
Hibernal Hi72.20.4
Muscat OttonelMuškát OttonelMO63.10.4
Aurelius Au49.50.3
Kerner Ke35.60.2
Other reds -33.60.2
Neronet Ne32.50.2
Alibernet Al20.80.1
Děvín De20.10.1
Solaris  11.60.1
Johanniter  9.20.1
Malverina Ma6.90.0
Zalagyöngye  6.40.0
Blauburger  6.00.0
Cabernet Blanc  5.90.0
Regent  5.80.0
Laurot La4.60.0
Fratava Ft4.40.0
Agni Ag4.10.0
Roesler  4.00.0
Rubinet Ru3.40.0
Cabernet Cortis  3.30.0
Ariana Ar3.10.0
Sevar Se2.40.0
Cabernet Franc  2.00.0

Source: Annual Report on grape vines and wine (Situační a výhledová zpráva Réva vinná a víno), Ministry of Agriculture December 2012